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About Us

Quality, Satisfaction, and Reliability. Unlimited by KSR LLC  is a woman-owned business. We work to improve your daily life with useful quality safety and PPE products to help protect your body parts, knees, and toes.

Our mission: to  provide high-quality Safety & PPE products for your workplace, home and other activities to help keep you safe and protect you.

After having surgery on my foot I wasn't able to wear my steel toed shoes any more. I had discovered Oshatoes and their steel toe cap overshoes. I was able to wear them over my street shoes for work. I loved that I could wear my own comfortable shoes and a different pair everyday and still have osha compliant steel toe cap protection.

I wanted to share the opportunity with others to wear their own comfortable shoes and have osha compliant steel toe cap protection and this is why I started selling this and other safety products.


Unlimited by KSR works to provide value to our customers by working hand in hand with our suppliers and partners to offer a great selection of products to choose from. 

We are always looking for ways to ensure our customers' experience with us is great.  We use systems that work together seamlessly, to provide more choices for dependable products at a great price, as well as a smooth purchase and shipping transactions. 

Some of our partners include:

Oshatoes Steel Toe Cap Overshoes

Working Concepts- Softknees, ErgoKneel, Pak-A-Ladder

Oshatoes are an affordable alternative for temporary steel toe shoe cap protection. Oshatoes can be worn as a temporary steel toe cap work shoe or long-lasting foot protection solution depending on your company's' safety policies..