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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Soft Knees FAQ-

Q: Where are you located?

A: We are located in the United States. Our business is in Bountiful, Utah.

Q: Can the 1010 Soft Knees be washed with my pants?

A: Yes, they remain in the garment through laundering

Q: How long do the Soft Knees last?

A: According to one customer they have been in her husband's pants and used daily for over one year. And he is still using them. They stay in his pants.

 Q: Do they come in pairs?

A: Yes, one for each knee.

ErgoKneel FAQ-

Q: What is the 5050 Handy mat made out of?

A: Closed foam rubber, not plastic.

Q: Can you use the mat with a paint stripper?

A: Yes you can, but it will probably remove the paint, but it shouldn't hurt the material.

Q: Is it durable for weeding in rocks? Will it puncture?

A: Designed for severe kneeling conditions like cold hard steel, concrete, grating, and gravel. So I think it will be perfect for weeding in your yard.

Oshatoes FAQ-

Q: Jet Steel Toe Cap Safety Overshoes-Should you get the same size as your regular shoe or the next size up? I was wondering if they stretch any also.

A: Sizing is based on your actual "shoe size", not "foot size". For large bulky shoes, increase 1 size up for a better fit. Yes, they do stretch some.

Q: Are they sold in pairs?

A: Yes, they are sold in pairs.

Q: What are the OSHA standards for these steel-toe cap overshoes?

A: Oshatoes Meets or Exceeds the Following Requirements:

ASTM F 2413-05 ANSI Z41PT91 for Class 75

ASTM F 2412- 05 - Class 75  CE

Oshatoes conform with EN345 200 Joules and have met the standards that O.S.H.A., 

Q: Do they only come in colors?

A: No, they also come in a Black color that does not stand out and blends in easily. 

Q: Are the overshoes unisex sizes?

A: Yes, they are unisex sizes. They are made for men and women.