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1010 Soft Knees No Strap Knee Pad - Inserts 6" x 9", 1 Pair

1010 Soft Knees No Strap Knee Pad - Inserts 6" x 9", 1 Pair

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  • Fits most double-knee garments Double-chap knee pad pouches, Loose Fit Double Knee Work Pants, and Double-layer front for knee pads. 
  • Simply roll up and insert into the opening of the double-knee.
  • Remains in garment through laundering
  • Usually lasts longer than the garment.
  • No more wet, sore, or cold knees
  • 1010 Rodilleras Sin Correa - Inserciones 

1010 Soft Knees no strap knee pad inserts. Made for double-knee or double-front workwear, uniforms, and tactical pants. Made for double knee or double front work wear.

1 pair

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Melissa T.
Save your knees!!!

If your a painter or who is up and down on the floor kneeling, these padded inserts are a must-have, comes in two sizes. I got one of each for the double knee pockets that are short. Perfect for protecting my knee caps. knee cap.

Comfortable and always with you. They’re great!

These are the best for anybody doing construction or demolition. I wear them with Carhart jeans, and I’m always ready to drop down on my knees and work on trim or drywall, or flooring without my knees swelling at the end of the day. I’ve used them for several years now, and my jeans will always wear out before the pads do. They are great and I highly recommend them!

Katherine Brown

1010 Soft Knees No Strap Knee Pads - Inserts 6" x 9"

Best knee pads ever!

These require practice to install, but once mastered, they're easy and totally worth it. I'm a master plumber, I wear double-chap Carhartt pants (which these are made for) and these are the best I've used. I have actually never worn out a pair, one set I've moved through six pairs of pants. They wash (and dry) perfectly. I will continue to buy for all of my other double knee pants and as long as they're available. I'm a professional who works with tools on and off the floor all day long. Trust me.

Thank you for the great review! Our customers have been very happy with this product.

Jason O.
they are very nice. You can leave them in the knee pockets ...

These are the best. Flat out. At first, I didn’t believe it but now they are in all my double duck Carhart’s. They are ultra-lightweight, they are form-fitted to stay over the knee better,